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IT Services


Network Services

Change is the constant factor in the IT industry. Today, Network and Communications form the crux of the IT business. Our network services are reliable and we leverage new technologies efficiently.

Data Center Services

We engage in a lot of data center services like co- location hosting, dedicated hosting etc. People feel at ease and have peace of mind when trusting us with responsibility.

Virtualization Management

Lxmee’s VMware monitor provides in-depth, agent less monitoring. This enables us to give management console for entire server- infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Our cloud hosting services are reliable and give a lot of physical security. Moreover, they are cost effective which makes us even more popular.

Collaboration Services

Lxmee group collaborates services to manage costs, resolve issues and deliver a powerful user experience. Try our services for an out of this world experience!

IT Service Management

Our IT Services Management includes OS Management, DB Management, Network Management and SAP Management.

End-User Computing

Lxmee Computing Services enables organizations to unbundle many workplace elements like workspace collaboration and support services.

Support Services

Through flexible high-performance models, we help clients optimize the holistic support environment to enable increased automation, reduced demand, robust knowledge management and process improvements.

Information Security

Lxmee has the most cost effective information security solution available in the market. We look after log analysis, log retention and also log verification. Most firms provide the regular features but these three additional services set us apart.